A Food Jam started in 2010
as a party where
cooking and eating is only half the fun.

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We take recipes that we know you will really have fun making, give you all the tools, ingredients, and guidance you need....and add in friends, fun, and music!

Cooking together with a group of people combined with expert tips, your true Masterchef is revealed. We start the clock, make sure you are hydrated and everyone starts cooking together in their teams. When the clock stops-you will be amazed by the dishes that YOU have created as you dig into the sumptuous harvest table.

The concept of Food Jams was developed whilst the founder was studying jazz.  Aware that the best way to learn was to jam with other musicians at night – often with musicians she didn’t know or hadn’t met before coming together on stage, these nights would always end with a happy heart and great hunger.  Her friends, aware of her love for the kitchen, started asking her to teach them to cook.  She said ‘let’s jam together, using food instead of music'.


She wrote up recipes & invited them to her parents' kitchen.  

The first one was on the 4th of February 2010 and they has been jamming ever since.

Over the past 11 years, the Food Jams Team have hosted any celebration you can think of - from solo-travellers visiting Cape Town to 200 conference-goers simultaneous, in pop-up venues and the much-loved Food Jams' kitchens. 

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May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.



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van Vuuren

Juanita's professional resume is impressive. Besides being a supermom to her beautiful kids, Juanita also boasts an important position at an innovative conveyancing company. She has been part of Food Jams since the very beginning. Juanita finds inspiration from her talented kids & is the mastermind of our awesome social food jam themes! She is our bookings &

administration superhero. 



de Waal

Jade's family spends their days together around good food. She published 3 cookbooks by the age of 21, toured as a jazz musician from a young age and started Food Jams in 2010 with a group of friends.  Known as the 'quirky contestant, to keep an eye on', Jade warmed the hearts of South Africans in 2012 on the first season of Masterchef SA. 

Jade is a Cape Town Legend.


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Jocelyn Myers-Adams

Jocelyn has worked from the bottom to the top to become a perpetual teacher and student of the culinary industry. Her inspiration is drawn from the fresh produce that comes with every season, local edible indigenous fauna and flora, and cultural influences. She is the founder of JMA Consulting, a curated hospitality resource and solutions to restaurants, hotels, eventing companies and private clients whilst being an invaluable partner & head of education & innovation at Food Jams.